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Whole Flower


Explore a world of nature's flavors, smells, and elevated experiences.

Equatorial Sativas, Kushes from remote regions of Pakistan, Old world cultivars, and elite "strains" come together in rare and exotic genetic hybrids which are carefully selected for other-worldly traits. 


Our vast archive of incredible seeds has been accumulating since early 1999 and has grown to over 65,000 unique genotypes, spanning thousands of rare cultivars. 



Taste. Refined.

The most intense and beautiful aspects of the cannabis flower concentrated and refined to capture only the most exquisite flavors and invigorating mental indulgences.


Extracts allow our scientific artists to isolate each individual element of the plant and present them in an interface which targets specific needs or desires of the consumer.


Olfactory symphony.

Like a single instrument resonating in perfect harmony or an entire orchestra of mind-bending expression, they range from simple and elegant, to complex and intricate. 


Our edible creations are an adventure on another level. 


Textures, natural plant flavors, natural cannabis flavors, and active cannabinoids intersect to leave mouths speechless, minds enhanced, and bodies happy. 





The best the world has to offer.

Healing herbs combine with heavenly cannabis in an array of enlightened concoctions.


Beyond simply drinkable cannabis, we offer a variety of cannabis-infused nootropic formulations and nutraceuticals.


Reduce anxiety, improve mental focus and creativity, eliminate harmful chemicals from the body, and enjoy the benefits of medicinal-grade cannabinoids.



Soothe through the skin.

Topical salves, balms, lotions, and transdermal medicinal applications can translate to decreased pain, reduction of inflammatory symptoms, and age defiance. 


We offer products from all parts of the cannabis plant to heal you through your skin. 



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