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Cannabis Sativa

The Cannabis flower is an exotic record of humanity's relationship

with healing plants, taste, and self-reflection.

It's DNA is a story of human needs and desires.


It has held a place of almost magical significance in relationship to civilization for thousands of years. 


 The effects of Cannabis can enhance sensual awareness while dulling pain.

Its own kaleidoscope of color, smells, flavors, and highs can be journeys themselves

or a compliment to the experience of other creative expressions. 


Cannabis pairs well with teas, wines, beers, cocktails, food, sound, and visual arts.

This is something humans have been discovering and rediscovering for centuries.

Many artists have pointed out this obvious connection,

and often the greatest ones have appreciated it's guidance. 


We are now seeing the floodgates break free.

Separating humans from cannabis for almost a century has caused an enormous longing for what was lost and 

a new (old) industry to explode. 


The present and future are in serving both the subjective and

objective experiences of the cannabis consumer.


Measurable, objective and scientifically quantified medicinal benefits

coupled with subjective symptom management can be modulated

just as subjective sensual, mental, and spiritual exploration can. 

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