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Paragon combines a balance of art, science, and wisdom

to push the limits of cannabis plant expression in powerful new ways... 

Exciting the senses, the spirit, and the mind.


Utilizing proprietary breeding techniques and cutting-edge technologies,

Paragon maximizes the genetic potential of widely diverse cannabis cultivars,

then works to create new varietals and refined products which

impact users on a higher level.





Paragon Cannabis has a reputation for consistent, exceptional quality and potency.  


Paragon Labs leads the industry in providing an exploration of color, texture, flavor, and depth of experience, creating a new class of premium consumables.


Paragon Labs operates world-class facilities with space grade production standards and a commitment to creating the purest end product.


Meticulous research and data-driven process control allows for higher standards of purity, consistency, potency, and artistry. With proper dedication and attention to detail, we can create what we envision, and science is the tool which makes it possible. 


Paragon works hard to minimize both financial and environmental costs at every stage of production. We continually refine our techniques and processes to maximize yield and minimize the loss of time, energy, and materials. 


With a promise to operate with as close to zero waste as possible, our facilities utilize water reclamation, high-efficiency LEDs, and dynamic automation to reduce environmental impact and external inputs. 


We value both the safety of our staff and our customers. Clean room practices guided by a philosophy of optimal plant and human well-being eliminate the need for poisons, dangerous chemicals, pesticides, or harmful additives, both in our products and in our facilities. 





Composed of masters in the fields of horticulture, technology, engineering, science, design, and culinary arts.


Dedicated to learning, perfection, pushing the standards of excellence, and changing the industry.


manager / sales

EDibles / Extracts

Philip M Kalas

Founder and CEO

(Overview of skills, experience, and accomplishments)


Horticultural Science - Expert grower, breeder, and nutrient developer


Architectural Design and Engineering - Created 3D drawings, designed architectural plans for buildout, systems engineering and development.


Building and Construction Management - Building foreman, general contractor, managing construction crews, renovating entire building - demolition, roofing, framing walls, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC systems, low voltage, high voltage, systems integration


Product Development - Designed and built proprietary systems for hydroponics, lighting, ventilation; digital programming and automation, software development


Business Management - Incorporated companies, registered trademarks, project management, financials, corporate analytics


Technical Writing - Wrote operations manual, grow manuals, IPM programs, employee handbooks.


Marketing - Created brand identities, designed all logos, created print materials


Web Development -  Built all websites, SEO, and Social media presence


Sales - Developed partnerships with local distributors, dispensaries, and producers

Team Bio
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